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I know Lindsay Ellis is somewhat affiliated with the vlogbrothers, but I was not prepared to watch an entire John Green video with no warning. Hank is writing a book now I guess? God help us all. Be chronically ill as a teenager or young adult is not The Fault In Our Stars or Everything, Everything or any other cinematic variation of that narrative. Being sick as a teenager is not romantic. Learning to drive without you. Graduating high school without you. Going to college without you. Dating without you. Will I ever be able to work?

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Goofy variety shows are not the stock in trade of most authors, especially those who write emotionally wrenching novels about teenagers dying of cancer, but John Green inhabits a multiplatform world with few boundaries. The two brothers performed their classic routines: songs about Harry Potter and quarks, readings from Mr. The sold-out show put on full view Mr.

The core of his online presence is the VlogBrothers channel, where once a week he and Hank exchange slightly manic but humorous and sincere riffs on science and life. Green is the author of three other young adult novels, and while he says that a Venn diagram of his fans of his novels and of his video enterprises might show only a 40 percent overlap, it is big enough that one drives traffic to the other with — in VlogBrother parlance — awesome results.

Green announced its title to VlogBrother fans in June

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The Online Fandom That Launched “The Fault in Our Stars”

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I am working to build up a safe, supportive and inclusive community online for my I love all the inspiration I have been receiving from the Adult Nerdfighter Thomas suggested a “creative date”, I also want to read and do healings on myself.

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John Green’s online work (and play) yields smart money

While you may not have heard of the author John Green, be assured that the teenagers in your life have. He is America’s answer to J. Rowling, with his mega bestsellers spawning blockbuster movies. Green has become wildly popular thanks largely to his loyal teenage audience. As we first reported back in , Green is also the rare literary talent who doubles as a podcaster and a YouTube star.

His success stems from his intuitive understanding of adolescents, his ability to meet them on their level and on their devices.

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‘Nerdfighters’ Sell Out Carnegie Hall to See John and Hank Green Plus Special Guests

I just literally cannot contain how undeserving of adament hatred john green is ok goodbye. Reblogged 4 years ago from ahighlyfunctioningfangirl. Source: huggingthehorse-blog.

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Were it not for the Internet, novelist John Green might never have met and become friends with Esther Earl, who died of thyroid cancer at the age of But before she did, she inspired Green’s best-selling novel aimed at teens, The Fault in Our Stars. The love story is narrated by a spunky, sarcastic year-old girl with thyroid cancer. Green wrote the introduction. The page book, built around Esther’s diary, e-mails, blogs and videos, is the story of a bright and funny girl, diagnosed with cancer at 12, coming to terms with mortality.

College, came to see as the brighter side of the Internet and how, at its best, it connects people. They know that parents of teens worry, with good reason, about the Internet’s dark side, home to predators and pornography. But Wayne, 55, who teaches philosophy and is an ordained Congregational minister, says, “We always trusted Esther who became kind of our guide to the Internet. The book recalls how in , Esther, tethered to an oxygen tank, met Green for the first time in real-life or IRL, as she would put it.

Author John Green: Reaching young adults and dealing with mental illness

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Esther Earl was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 12, and died in shortly after her 16th birthday. But in that short time, she developed a network of friends through social media, blogging and YouTube videos. She was a devoted fan of the Harry Potter books and was an active member of the Harry Potter Alliance. At LeakyCon , a convention for Harry Potter enthusiasts, Esther met young adult author and vlogger John Green, who would become a friend.

Green dedicated his best selling book ” The Fault In Our Stars ” to her and said that she was an inspiration for the novel. You can read John Green’s introduction and one of Esther’s diary entries below. My friendship with Esther Earl began, as so many great love stories do, at a Harry Potter convention. The first night of the conference featured a banquet and concert, which of course meant quite a lot of dancing. The great thing about the Harry Potter fan community is that no one judges you.

Unironic enthusiasm is celebrated, and never more so than on the dance floor. Which I am not. I find it impossible to dance as if no one were watching, even when no one is watching. So when everyone rushed to the dance floor, I hung back.

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In late , the writer John Green came up with the idea of communicating with his brother, Hank, for a year solely through videos posted to YouTube. They communicated mainly through instant messaging. Like the best realistic Y. His protagonists were sweetly intellectual teen-age boys smitten with complicated, charismatic girls. Although the books were funny, their story lines propelled by spontaneous road trips and outrageous pranks, they displayed a youthfully insatiable appetite for big questions: What is an honorable life?

How do we wrest meaning from the unexpected death of someone close to us?

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