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This simple two knob compressor has attracted throngs of faithful followers. What sets the MXR apart from hundreds of other stompers is it’s unique voice. It’s really not that transparent or really that clean but, for some reason, it makes guitars comes alive. The Dynacomp isn’t subtle and the strong squish it creates can be startling at first. Upon first plugging this in, you may have some reservation about the stranglehold it has on your tone but after a few adjustments this things can make your guitar come alive. These duties include leads, clean chicken picking, or simple boosts. It works well in all these scenarios as long as you take the time to tweak your whole rig to taste. Not a test review yet but something I came across recently I wanted to share a proper review coming soon. I recently purchased one of the latest MXR Dyna Comp models and the moment I plugged in I realised a serious volume drop — no matter the Volume setting. I hadn’t even turned the SENS knob up.

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1978 MXR Dyna Comp Vintage Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal Block Logo USA Made

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D espite the overwhelming consensus that compressors are one of the most indispensable studio tools, compressor pedals can be one of the most misunderstood effects. Some players swear by them, others avoid them. But if you need sustain without distortion or want to tame aggressive peaks and even out dynamics, a good compressor is the ticket. Released in , the Dyna Comp Compressor featured simple, straightforward controls—labeled Output and Sensitivity—to govern the volume and compression levels, respectively.

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Order by:. Available to:. Up for sale. The pedal is in good overall cosmetic condition, with a few expected nicks and dings around the edges of the enclosure, but no serious wear. The original CTS pots are intact and the circuit is untouched! Please contact us before bidding or buying for an international shipping quote. As cost varies by b uyer location. We cannot declare anything as a gift or for a lesser value.

No exceptions! The customer is responsible for all taxes and duty. Which may be collected upon delivery.

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Made since the s, the MXR Dyna Comp, which adds its own coloring to the tone, has become a frequently copied and widely used guitar effect , even a standard. The unit produces a dynamic range compression effect. It has two controls: “Output” controls the output level, and “Sensitivity” determines the amount of compression. The compression effect helps to smooth out differences in volume between notes, [2] such as in quick runs played by chicken picking.

The effect can be used by bass players as well.

The MXR Dyna Comp is an effects unit produced by the MXR company intended for use with electric guitar. Made since the s, the MXR Dyna Comp, which.

Post with 57 notes. I love Boss pedals. Despite their conformity and common size each pedal has its own personality and unique function. I have this theory that everyone is a collector of something, and for me it must be these pedals. They really nailed many legendary sounds on the first try, I can only think of a few effects that they never successfully made their own—those being wah, whammy, fuzz, and vibe effects. Kurt Cobain used one until he broke it and graduated to a DS Boss pedals are like memory boxes that capture a particular feeling—a moment in time.

At least the older ones do. The new ones are made of crap. They demanded an all-in-one box that would grant them the godlike abilities of the guitar virtuosos—sizzling pinch harmonics, light speed heavy metal pick sweeping, and laser beam tapping solos. Boss was netting record profits and the corporate decision was of course to ramp up production while cutting costs. In Taiwan they began to use cheaper components, not to mention the designs began to favor the falling prices of digital technology to more costly and outdated analog design.

MXR Dyna Comp Compressor